KISS or Blog

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

KISS and TELL, or




Keep It Short & Simple

as you

'Blog, or 'B-log, or Web-log,

to do a daily, or frequent online Journal

Who? You! Brought to you by James 1:2, Jamey and James.

What? Write.

(Write what? What ever tickles your fancy.)

When? Whenever.

In the comfort of your easy chair curled up with your trusty iBook in your lap;

or at your desk,
again your trusty iBook or other powerful Mac, or laboring with a desktop PC,

or at the corner cafe' with your trusty iBook with wireless,

(Didn't Thomas Jefferson say, "I can not live without my iBooks". Or did I not get that quote quite right?)

or you can even post pictures and text with your cell phone camera and text messaging!

Near "Real Time".

Where? Answered in part above, in this virtual world, virtually anywhere is where you can KISS and BLOG, to KISS and tell the world about the love of life or love of children that you enjoy!

How? Now to the essence, or key, or power of the hour.

1. There are many options.
a. My favorite is backed
Why? (1) Very easy to use, to upload pictures like the KISS pic above, and format the fonts with size, style, and color.
(2) Many nice features for moderated or open comments, for team blogging, for links to other sites.
(3) Minimal advertising by the host. Option for you to be paid for more Google advertising on your blog.
(4) FREE hosting of your blog.

b. Can do easy with iWeb by Apple on .Mac.
(Can also do Audio or Video Podcasting, but alas that is a topic for another day...)

c. has a Blog with any domain hosting. Also a great place to buy web domain names that you can redirect to your blog, so to have an easy to remember name to attach (like a KISS?) to your Blog.

d. Is a service of that is a service that provides lots of Web Designer tools such as visit counters, guest books, and other such, with HTML "snippets" that you copy and paste, or "KISS" (paste one on me -- right here ya' hear?) into your Blog to add extra functions.

e. Many others.

f. Or host it yourself, with Movable Type or other programs, done at your own home, like Ern Reynolds, Web Master or Blog Meister of Roanoke based

So all I will add here and now is to say you can add links to other wonderful services online such as:

1. Blacksburg based "" to invite folks to underwrite your writings.

2. Neighbors in North Carolina, "" allows you to publish to paper, CD or DVD the writings and more of your Blog. And that sweet thing, LULU believes in the KISS, she is beautiful as a model of Keep It Short and Simple.

3. My mentor Tom Antion, at, had a Tele-Seminar with the Blog Squad, a source for much more information on super-charging your Blog. In November a.d. 2004, Tom hosted a tele-seminar on Blogging, and had a huge email file of contact information on blogging. And last year, Tom hosted a teleseminar by two women who called themselves the "Blog Squad", who promote a Blog to Book in 90 days. Tom sells that seminar on CD. Tell Tom I sent you, OK?

Take some time and check out Tom for he is a master or a magician at internet marketing "magically" making $40,000 or so per month selling books and services over the internet. YOU can TOO! (And I helped Tom create the 3 DVD set Magic 4 Speakers, that he sells through his website, though that site is NOT a Blog.)

4. Folks in California,, allow you to put your fabrications on fabric, or many other surfaces, so splat pics from your Blog on a shirt or a cap or a cup.

Hey, I like to KISS, to keep it short and simple...